We believe it is time for an inground pool company to emerge that specializes in both producing a high-quality product AND providing superior customer service. Our goal is to go beyond the conventional with a professional, highly-trained staff and a focus on communication and customer needs.

We are proud to serve the local community of Western Massachusetts that we grew up in.

President, Kevin Randall, has almost 20 years of experience in the pool construction industry. Starting out learning the basics, he quickly came to enjoy creating custom pools and designs. He appreciates custom features such as spillover spas, waterfalls, raised decks, and other water features the most. These features give each pool a wow-factor and its own unique characteristics.

Having perfected the construction aspect of the trade, Kevin has shifted his focus to the importance of communication. Traveling to classes to help better understand the needs of customers, he prides himself on his ability to keep people informed on how their project is going – whether the news is good or bad.

At age 36, after 15 years of working for someone else and 2 years of partnership in another local company, he is BEYOND ready to serve this community’s swimming pool needs.

The journey of Vice President, Casey Placek, is one that could be considered as unconventional. She grew up in the service industry, working as a waitress/bartender for around a decade. In the Spring of 2020, when COVID shut down the restaurant industry, she turned to Kevin for a job…

Somewhat unexpectedly, the skills she acquired as a server helped her excel in construction. Casey noticed that the qualities that came so naturally to her – teamwork, patience, time management, attention to detail, communication, and especially accountability – were surprisingly rare in this new profession. Finally feeling a sense of fulfillment in what she was doing, Casey fell in love with building custom pools and bringing the vision’s of customers to life.

Having a different background than most in this business as well as being a female in a male-dominant trade, Casey wants to bring forward a different mindset that will lead to innovation and disruption in the swimming pool industry.

We would love to hear about your dream pool, reach out to start working with us today!