Openings and Closings

You’re busy, and we can help you. We open pools in the Spring and close them in the Fall. Make a request in the portal and then fill out our questionnaire to schedule yours today. By filling it out, we can adjust the service to every homeowner’s individual needs. Openings and Closings are a flat fee, and we don’t charge your for the small stuff. We will fix leaks at the filter, replace gaskets if needed, replace plugs if necessary, etc…

Liner Replacements

Out with the old, and in with the new. A new liner brings an old pool back to life. Most replacements can be done in one day. We have many design options to choose from, plus a liner change is the perfect time to install a set of custom stairs if your pool does not have them!


We take on small and large renovations. Nothing is more exciting than witnessing the transformation of an old, outdated pool to a new and modern one. Concrete removal and replacement, new plumbing lines, stair replacement, lighting addition, depth changes, and coping upgrades are just a few of many options.


The harsh reality is…pool equipment doesn’t last forever. Every so often, things will need replacing – let us handle it. Filter replacements, pump replacements, salt generator installs, and underground leaks are a few common services that we are capable of helping you with.

New Installs

Our bread and butter! It can seem overwhelming and hard to visualize at first…with 20+ years of experience, we’ll guide you through your backyard transformation. Having seen it many times, we can offer you suggestions on what may look best, and come up with solutions to complicated problems that may arise. We build everything from cookie-cutter pools to elaborate, custom designs with water features. Seeing your ideas come to fruition is what we enjoy most about our work!

Reach out today to schedule your service or consultation!