Introducing the Beyond Pools Team and blog

The Beyond Pools Team

The 2023 season is finally underway! The Beyond Pools team has been itching to get back to work together in the field to get customers into their dream pools. The success of our first season was BEYOND what we could have imagined and we would like to extend a thank you to all of our amazing customers. Providing you with superior customer service and constantly evolving to your needs and desires is our top priority. 

With that in mind we thought it would be fun and helpful to start a blog to interact with our audience. Our goal is to provide clarification and answers to common pool related questions and topics that we understand tend to be overwhelming or confusing. Over the years as experts in the industry we have learned various tips and tricks, weeding out the truth from myths when it comes to liners, chemicals, chlorine, covers etc. 

For example, have you ever heard someone talk about having a ‘saltwater’ pool? This might bring to mind an image of swimming in salty, ocean-like water. You might also assume that the salt can act as a sanitizer and therefore eliminate the need for chlorine. This is a widely held misconception. In reality the salt is actually added to the pool for the purpose of CREATING chlorine. Chlorine is formed by a reaction in which the generator passes electricity through the salt water. Plus, salt is only added to the pool at a concentration of 3000 ppm, over 10x less than the concentration of the ocean.  

Beyond these topics we are especially proud of our expertise in all stages of the installation process and that is why we are excited to start sharing videos of the team out in the field. Follow along on our website and social media channels to see behind the scenes drone footage of how we bring your custom pool dreams to life.

Drop a comment below with any topics you would like us to talk about in a blog post or video!

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